FREE Trophy Tabs & Self Assembly


Metal trophy plates with a sublimation print are provided FREE on all our standard trophies (excludes medals). Sublimation is an advanced method of printing images and text onto metal. As a method of personalisation it allows for eye catching designs and impressive flexibility, compared to traditional engraving.

The technique involves printing special sublimation dye onto a specific type of paper.  It is then transfered onto the metal by carefully heating to 180 degrees.


Self-Assembly is the new option were offering all teams as a way of saving money.  The self assembly option will save us a significant amount of time, therefore cost. Enabling us to pass these savings onto you, by offering bigger standard discounts than ever before, making us cheaper than any other trophy supplier on a like for like basis.

It is exactly as it sounds…..We’ll provide the trophy plates for FREE - but you will need to un-pack, self-assemble any additional parts and apply the trophy plates yourselves.

If each manager did this for their own age group it would take no time at all, potentially saving your club hundreds of pounds.


We will un-pack the trophy, assemble any additional parts, apply the trophy plate and re-package before dispatching so the trophy arrives with you, complete and finished.

Due to the increased discounts we're now offering, we will no longer be able to offer this service for free.  There will be a £2.00 charge per trophy.

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