Training Aids

The line between success and failure in football can be minimal. If you’re part of a team that strives for higher performance levels, you’ll commonly emerge victorious.

For your own squad, the elevated standards you seek can be found in training sessions. With the right training aids, you can cater these to your exact specifications.

You can find all the gear you need here - including agility equipment, poles and cones.

Starting from: £12.74
RRP: £16.99

  • Set of 50 x 200mm diameter flexible plastic markers with easy use carrier.

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Starting from: £41.24
RRP: £54.99

Twelve six-foot flexible poles with ground spikes to develop lateral manoeuvring.

  • Set of 12. 
  • 1.7m high poles with groundspikes. 
  • Pole diameter: 11/4". 
  • Help to develop lateral manoeuvring. 
  • Poles can also be used with a base(not supplied)
  • Supplied with a bag.

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Starting from: £23.99
RRP: £31.99

Ideal for coaching, dribbling and target practice. Set of 40.

Starting from: £59.99
RRP: £79.99

Kit contains: 3 x 6” hurdles, 3 x 9” hurdles, 2 x 2m ladders and 12 x 9”collapsible cones. Supplied in bag.

Starting from: £112.49
RRP: £149.99

Kit contains: 3 x 9” hurdles, 3 x 12” hurdles, 2 x 4m ladders, 20 space markers (10 x red and 10 x blue), 1 x speed resistor, 1 x evasion belt, 1 x speed chute and 1 x reaction ball. Supplied in bag.

Starting from: £14.99
RRP: £19.99

Sharpen up your speed work: 4m ladder with sliding cross-sections to alter stride patterns for all work-outs.

Precision Pro
Precision Parachute

Starting from: £18.74
RRP: £24.99

This harness system uses air resistance. It is suitable for short sprints, lateral shuffles and explosive forward and backward movements.

Starting from: £3.74
RRP: £4.99

The attacker tries to break away from the defender, during multi-directional quickness drills, by ripping the Velcro tab on the umbilical between the two. 

Ideal training for marking and mirroring.

Starting from: £44.99
RRP: £59.99

A 30’ net with adjustable poles and bag. Can be used at either head or ground setting. Excellent for developing ball and heading skills.

Starting from: £37.49
RRP: £49.99

Easily transportable, each man folds easily into carry bag and takes only seconds to assemble. Can also be used as obstacle layouts. For dribbling or goalkeeping coaching. (Excluding poles).

Starting from: £67.49
RRP: £89.99

Three free-kick men and six two-piece spring-loaded boundary poles ensure a stable defensive wall in all conditions. Comes complete with carry bag

Starting from: £8.99
RRP: £11.99

Shock resistant and watertight case. Functions: 1/100 second display, time (12/24hr) date and month, alarm. Two year guarantee.

Starting from: £5.63
RRP: £7.50

Functions: Split and 1-2 finish, time-out time-in, 1/100 second, 12-24 hr time, month/date and alarm. One year guarantee.

Starting from: £3.74
RRP: £4.99

Nylon mesh ball sack with drawcord closure. Holds 10 fully-inflated size 5 balls.