Top Goal Scorer

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This will be the best trophy you'll find for your money!!

One of most popular trophies of 2017 is on clearance @ upto 58% Discount off RRP due to a slight colouring variation to the picture shown, but in no way effects the quality of the trophy.

- Available In 2 Sizes - 22cm upto 25cm

SKU Codes: PA17290

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The Falcon Top Goal Scorer Football Trophy features a detailed coloumn, decorated with a small classic football inside of the shield with the text 'Top Goal Scorer'.

- Available In 4 Sizes - 15cm to 24cm

SKU Codes: PA20049

Starting from: £6.40
RRP: £8.00

The Euphoria Top Goal Scorer Football Trophy features a shield with the text 'Top Goal Scorer ' with a boot design on the front.

- Available In 4 Sizes - 13cm to 21cm

SKU Codes:RF18147

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Genesis Top Goal Scorer Trophy is decorated with a small classic football mounted on a detailed column, this trophy also has room for trophy tabs.

- Available In 1 size of 20CM

SKU Codes: PK117

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RRP: £17.50

The All Stars Top Goalscorer Trophy is from the heavyweights collection. A sleek and modern design, manufactured from a toughened material, the antique gold and silver finish gives this trophy a great finish.

- Available In 1 Size - 26CM

SKU Codes: PA19551

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An antique gold resin football player trophy.  Incorporating a detailed 3D player with contrasting gold tones, with a classic ball at his feet and a plaque with the the 'TOP GOAL SCORER'

- Size 22cm

SKU Codes: A1090

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Gold resin shield football award, measuring 17.75cm. Set on a black base and incorporating a contrasting classic gold football, inside a shield with a scroll detailing TOP GOAL SCORER.

Sizes - 17.5cm

SKU Codes: A80

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A classic football trophy. Featuring a contrasting panel ball, which is stood on a wrap around design net stem

- Available In 4 Sizes - 17.5cm to 25.5cm

SKU Codes: A4008