Joma Goalkeeper Kit

Your team’s defence can only provide so much protection to your goalkeeper. They also need a durable and comfortable kit.

Joma provide this with their stylish, durable and comfortable goalkeeping attire. Designed to offer freedom of movement and basic impact protection, these kits can be the difference between a good and bad performance.

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RRP: £30.00

Goalkeeper kit characterized by its t-shirt, designed with double collar that includes inner rib for a better fit. In the sleeves incorporates a print made of silicone for optimal grip. In the armpits and sides includes Micro-Mesh technology to promote perspiration. The trousers are designed with a vivid on the side and the waist is elastic with cord

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Starting from: £17.85
RRP: £25.50

Goalkeeper t-shirt designed with a round neck that includes elbow protections to absorb impacts without reducing mobility. The sleeves have an optimal fit to include rib in the cuffs

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90% Polyester / 10% elastane: Goalkeeper shirt designed with a rounded collar which includes protections on the elbows and shoulders to absorb impact without reducing mobility.

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Starting from: £14.35
RRP: £20.50

100% polyester, with reinforcements in hips, legs and knees.: Long polyester goalkeeper pants, abrasion-resistant and reinforced at the hip, legs and knees, they adapt perfectly to the natural movements of goalkeepers. Noted for their toughness and durability.

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Pirate pants for goalkeeper that incorporates protection on the sides and knees for better impact resistance.

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90% polyester 10% cotton.: Goalkeeper pants including side protection to absorb impact without reducing mobility.

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Goalkeeper shorts including padding at the hip to absorb impact. They Have side slits to assist movement.Adjustable elastic drawstring waist.

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