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Mitchell is the training rainproof jacket that you can wear for any sports activity, but specially for outdoor sports. Made of water-repellent fabric, this jacket provides superior comfort and an optimal fit: you can wear it when you practice outdoor activities, to protect you from wind and rain, with minimal overall dimensions. It will keep you fresh and comfortable at all times, even on the most humid and cold days, without compromising your freedom of movement. Its inner mesh lining and its classical turtleneck collar ensure transpiration and protection in all weather conditions. Materials: B30.

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The Basic by Erreà jacket is a versatile garment: You may use it for your most intense training sessions that even the rain cannot interrupt. Or you may use it in your free time to protect yourself from the rain. It is a very colourful rainproof jacket, also available in two fluorescent colours, provided with all the comforts so that you may practice or otherwise spend time outdoors even when it rains heavily: it has a practical zipper closure on the front, elasticated sleeve cuffs to prevent water infiltrations, the waistband has draw strings to adjust the jacket to your size and an extremely useful hood hidden inside a pocket on the back of the collar, with Velcro closure. Basic is a jacket shaped both at the front and at the back, so that it perfectly fits to both ladies' and men's body. Finally, to assure the best performance, its sleeves are breathable and allow sweat to be wicked away.

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The Errea Andromeda Jacket EG0E0Z,EG0E1Z and EG0E2Z is made from 100% polyester.

Errea describe the fit of this garment as NORMAL FITTING.

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Running windcheater for men and women. The Dwyn running jacket, from Erreà, has been designed for runners who want a garment that is both lightweight and functional. It is wind-resistant, lightweight and breathable. The soft polyester fabric, the reflective trimmings and the mesh inserts under the armpits make this a practical garment of the highest quality. Perfect for running and for trail runners, it protects you from the wind and allows your skin to breath. Thanks to its fiery brilliant colours and the reflective inserts you'll be able to train both early in the morning and late at night, without fear of the dark. Plusses: thumb holes at the ends of the sleeves; elasticated bottom and sleeve ends to improve wearability and the technical nature of the garment; full length zip with a collar that goes right up to the chin; mandarin collar; reflective inserts front and back; pockets with side zips; breathable mesh inserts in the areas most prone to sweating. Semi-fitted wearability. Fabric: polyester/mesh

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Edmonton by Erreà is the perfect rain jacket for outdoor training, particularly suitable when it rains or in bad weather. This training jacket, is made of extremely resistant fabric and it is particularly suitable for sports such as rugby or football, for which you need technical rugged gear to use with confidence in any kind of face-off. Thanks to the zipper on the neck opening, you will manage to slip into the jacket in a question of instants and with great ease, as though it were a sweatshirt

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